What makes Bahria town so popular?

In recent years, there have been many societies that have come into existence in Pakistan. But only a few have truly stood out, Bahria town is among those societies and ranks among the very best. Bahria town is also among the few societies that have their roots set in different cities and different states. With each passing year, the name becomes more common and is associated with doing well in life.

There are many reasons why Bahria Town has become so popular among the masses. It is a common household name. As this prestigious society became popular so quickly, we forget to appreciate the reasons why. However, today I will tell you Bahria Town became so popular in such a short period.

Good Infrastructure

The cornerstone for every great project is its infrastructure. As soon as you enter Bahria Town, you will notice the wide, clean, and metaled roads. The enclaves are beautiful, and you will often see ceramic animals strategically placed in different areas to add to the scenic beauty. If you like to jog or walk, you can enjoy a stroll in Bahria Towns gardens.

During your daily commute, when you leave and enter Bahria town society, you will see beautifully made roundabouts with eye-catching infrastructure. You will see iconic landmarks, such as Lahore’s famous Eiffel tower. Mr. Malik Riaz is also planning to make an amusement park in Karachi and a Safari park in Lahore. Hopefully, we will see these projects in the near future.

Excellent Security

This is something you simply can not put a price on. The peace of knowing that your family will be safe and sound while you are earning your daily bread. When you enter Bahria town society, you will notice there are guards at the entrance, and as you drive along, you will see guards placed strategically near each block. Moreover, patrols are constantly roaming the roads of Bahria town 24/7, just looking for any suspicious activity.

These guards are also quick to respond and ask questions if they see any suspicious character roaming around the premises. If you have been visiting Bahria Town at night, you will notice this for yourself. Each guard before employment is interviewed, and a background check is also determined.

Moreover, when you live in their themed societies, only the resident of that particular society can enter that premises. Most foreigners prefer to live there for that very reason. For example, the Egyptian themed society is only accessible to the residence of that society. Others can only enjoy the architecture from the outside.

Easy to sell

Whenever an individual buys an asset, they want something they can turnover quickly if need be. That is why people buy more popular cars, and the same goes for the property. Bahria Town is among those societies where selling is relatively straightforward. There is always a demand in the market for Bahria Town properties. The reason is that each year you can see a growth in the value of these properties. So being a secure investment, the demand is always there.

Theme based residence

If you are an eccentric or creative person, you will definitely appreciate the theme-based societies by Bahira Town. The attention to detail is refreshing to the eyes and something completely different from any other society in Pakistan. You definitely have to visit Bahria town and see for yourself. For example, the Egyptian themed society has an entrance that is decorated with structures you will only see in Egypt, such as the pyramids and the statues related to that culture.

High quality and affordable education

Bahria town provides its residence with an option to enroll in their educational program. Your child can receive high quality and comparatively affordable education from primary level to secondary level. At their schools and colleges, your child will learn from the experienced and well-educated staff. The educational institutes are built on large campuses, where they will have access to physical exercise and an opportunity to improve their social skills.

World-class medical care

The medical care of Bahria Town International Hospitals has been praised all over the world. It is known as one of the best cardiac treatment centers in the world. Healthcare services and pharmaceuticals are available 24/7. Bahria international hospital is one of the very few hospitals in Pakistan that does organ transplants.