Stock Counts

Stock Count

Our   Stock   Verification System   (SVS)   is   a comprehensive   solution to address   the problems pertained  to  inventories. The  system  is  designed to check  and  verify  the daily inventory  handling process  in  a  factory.  It provides  the  core functionalities  for  factory management,  including   receiving  &  put  away, inventory  management, stock  allocation, picking   & packing,   shipment confirmation,   reporting, etc.   “Tamadam”   Stock take procedure,  (a  well-known  stock  taking procedure)  and guidelines  issued  by  Institute  of Chartered  Accountants  of    Pakistan  for  stock  counts  are  also  a  part  of  our  state  of  art “Stock Verification System”. 

Major Benefits of SVS

Speed up factory operations. Improve correctness and readiness of inventory information Reduce  labor  cost    for  tedious  transaction   documentation  and  inventory calculation. Prevent   shipment   of wrong   goods   by   item validation at  picking and  packing processes.   Utilize   inventory   usage   by   rule-based   allocation   of   inventory   to orders. Enable the integration of barcode to increase the efficiency. Facilitate   the   integration  with  SAP  systems  to  streamline  the  whole  business workflow 

Key Features of SVS

Receiving & Put-away When  raw  material  arrived  at  factory,  items  are  received  according  to  ‘Goods  Receiving Note’  then  done  to  move  the  received  items  to  the    appropriate  location.  The  details  of the  received  items  and  put  away  processes  are  stored  in  the  inventory  database  to maintain up-to-date  inventory records.    Inventory Management  The  system  is  based  on  cycle/physical  count,  inventory  hold  and  inventory  move,  to enhance inventory accuracy and maximize space  utilization.  Stock Allocation  This  process  allocates  available  inventories  in  the  factory  to  orders  due  for  delivery. Allocation  rules  can  be  applied  to  the  system  to  serve    different  business  or  product nature.   Pre-defined rules such as FIFO, LIFO, Shelf Life, etc can be fitted into the system.  Picking & Packing  After  the  stock  is  allocated  to  particular  orders,  the  factory  staff  has  to  pick  out  the allocated  inventory.  Then  the  goods  are  packed  into  boxes    for  shipment  and  the packing details are stored in the system for documentation.   Shipment Confirmation  The   confirmation   of   shipment  can   be   done   by   order   or   travel   route.   When   the confirmation is made, inventory is decremented accordingly.    Reporting  Various  reports  can  be  generated  to  keep  track  of  the  daily  factory  activities.  Examples are   Inventory  Balance Report   to   decide   stock      replenishment   schedule   and   Goods Receiving Report or Shipment Summary Report