NTN,GST & SST Registration

NTN,GTS,SST Registration

Meezan Enterprises offers the best NTN registration & verification services to its clients throughout Pakistan. Whether you are living in the capital city Islamabad or the business hub Karachi, you are welcome to get enrolled to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). Get your National Tax Number (NTN) without any hurdles. The best way to get an NTN in Pakistan is to avail our services. Fusion Avenue is a reliable name that is helping its clients since 2007 to get a valid NTN. We are offering NTN registration, NTN verification, NTN modification as well as NTN cancellation services to individual, company, foreign national and association of persons (AOP) in Pakistan. Our services are not confined to a single city. We are near you to provide complete NTN services in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta and other big and small cities, villages, tows and districts of the country.

For each and every resident of Pakistan, his/her National tax number is a unique entity. Every individual in Pakistan is required to get register to the FBR to avail an NTN for filing income tax returns to the government authorities. Return filing is the way to pay taxes to the government on your earnings and income. Even if the individual is not having any income throughout the year, it is emendatory for him/her to show the record of no or less income to the government during return filing. We are also offering Free NTN Registration Service till January 31, 2020 throughout Pakistan. So hurry up, and become a compliant citizen of Pakistan to play your role in evacuating corruption