Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring

Meezan Enterprises knows the importance of getting a great value on laminate flooring. We work with manufacturers to know the latest styles and technology so we can help you find a product best suited for your home. We have plenty of in-stock inventory to reduce the amount of time between choosing your flooring and installation.

Our laminate experts are here to listen so they can fully understand your needs and wants when it comes to your flooring project. We are committed to helping you through every step of your project and answering any questions you may have along the way so that you fully understand your new laminate flooring. We pride ourselves on providing you with unwavering customer service throughout your flooring project.

Laminate flooring simulates the visuals and textures of hardwood flooring but is available at fraction of the cost. Laminate floors are perfect for active lifestyles because of their durability. They are fade, stain, and moisture-resistant and can be installed more easily than other flooring options, making them a good choice for a person who likes DIY projects. Laminate flooring is also low-maintenance and can be cared for easily by sweeping regularly and wiping up spills as they occur, making them both kid-friendly and pet-friendly.

Types of Lamination Flooring

Plastic Laminate

Plastic laminate flooring is completely man-made and consists of several layers. The backer, which is the bottom layer, serves as a moisture barrier. The core layer consists of high-density fiberboard that resists dents and serves as the backbone of the flooring.

On top of the inner core is the design layer, which includes a high-definition photographic image—while most images attempt to simulate wood, there are also stone-like laminates. The topmost layer is a clear coat that protects the surface from damage, including fading and scratches.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood consists of multiple layers of material pressed together to form a plank. The bottom and core layers consist of three to 12 layers of fiberboard, plywood, or unfinished hardwood. The veneer, which is the top layer, consists of a very thin piece of natural wood.

Engineered wood closely mimics the appearance of real hardwood because the top wear layer is actual hardwood. Depending on the thickness of this top layer, engineered wood can be sanded and refinished up to three times to refurbish the flooring.

Glued Laminate Flooring

Glued laminate flooring will come in bare boards that must be glued to the floor. These can still come with padding and lining attached to them; however, some don’t so make sure you check which version you have.

For this type of laminate flooring, you can use a simple flooring adhesive, which is available in either a tub or spray version. This is a lot less popular than it once was considering the ease of installation with glue less or pre-glued versions of laminate, but it can still be found on the market.




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